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MegynWeb Consultant/Training, WA

I work as a Web Coach, teaching people how to use their website to generate business for them. I analyse the needs of the business and their website users / target readers and point them in the right direction. This requires a good understanding of the technologies available to support their needs.

Content of a website is becoming more important as website design and development becomes more standardised and less customised, and as the market matures.

New emerging fields in the web industry are web coaching and search engine optimisation specialists.

Web coaching is all about educating clients to help them understand the specifics of their website requirements. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “I didn’t realise there was there was that much to it”…

Web Coaching combines the various fields of information technology, marketing, business, teaching and project management. Web Coaches need to be great communicators and have analytical and comprehension skills.

Everyone wants to be number one in Google! Or at least on the first page of search results for relevant searches. Being a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist is a growth area. You need an intimate knowledge of your client’s business AND your client’s target readers.

SEO is all about structuring and presenting web pages as the most relevant web page for a particular keyword or key phrase search. Making the page relevant is a combination of technical and content aspects. It’s fascinating to think how many millions of pages the search engines ‘look’ through in the time-frame to select and order the pages in search results.

To work in the web industry, technical aptitude and good design skills (visual design and information architecture) are extremely important.

These skills are also important:

  • team work
  • communication within your team and with clients
  • good work attitude
  • self management
  • research
  • logic
  • analytical skills
  • file management
  • people networking
  • speed reading
  • comprehension
  • keen interest in people’s business
  • ability to explain complexities in simple terms
  • curiosity
  • being able to determine what’s important and prioritise
  • the drive to constantly learn new skills

My stress-relievers are playing golf and sudoku! I love to learn and share my knowledge and I am constantly researching, reading and updating my skills.

I place huge importance on education and training. I think the best way to get ahead is to enrol in a university or TAFE course and support this with your own research and skills updates.

Get involved with industry groups and online forum discussions. You’ll find out the latest technology trends, which skills to learn and get answers to your questions.