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SonjaIT&T Service Centre Manager, QLD

I manage the day-to-day running of an IT Service Centre which looks after 800+ clients and over 40 offices Australia wide. Every hour of every day is different and throws new challenges my way.

My IT career started when I was living in London and I have worked in France and Germany as well. In the UK I worked in an all female IT department - we had the neatest server room! A highlight of my career was being awarded a Women in Technology (WIT) scholarship when I first moved to Brisbane nearly three years ago.

When it comes to IT, it makes sense to master the basics before moving to the advanced. Don't just plan for training and certification, plan for experience as well. When starting out don't aim too high in training and certification, but make sure your experience and learning options match. Always start with the fundamentals - entry-level training and certifications. Basic fundamental knowledge and excellent customer service skills are a necessity for sustainable career growth.