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Prodos Worldwide Interviews Sonja Bernhardt

On the 6th of November, Prodos Worldwide, an online radio initiative, interviewed Sonja Bernhardt about the Screen Goddess IT Calendar, feminism and Ayn Rand. Click here to listen to the interview.

Media Man Australia features Screen Goddesses

Media Man Australia, a freelance media outlet has run a feature on Sonja Bernhardt and some of the goddesses from the calendar. Click here to review what's been written.

Making of the Screen Goddess Calendar

The Making of the Screen Goddess Calendar video, using footage shot by Lewis Media during the production, is now available for viewing online. A 30-second snippet of the Screen Goddess theme song is also available.

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New Stock Now In

The latest stock of calendars have now arrived and are ready for distribution. If you are waiting on an order and have not already been contacted, please contact us at to arrange delivery.

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Goddesses Auctioned on Ebay

No, you can’t take home a Screen Goddess IT model for a day but you can own your very own piece of Goddess memorabilia...the latest Screen Goddess IT calendar product to hit the online market are full sized laminated ‘movie style’ posters developed as part of the Screen Goddess initiative.

Four of the calendar images were matched with a slogan to promote the calendar objectives of encouraging women into IT careers including the slinky Catwoman image, the famous Ursula Andress, Dr No image, the front cover American Beauty picture and the Legend of Zorro image.

Screen Goddess innovator Sonja Bernhardt says, “We produced A1, laminated, autographed posters to use in conjunction with our launch and other industry events. To reduce costs associated with the project it was always intended that the posters be sold to recoup project costs. Three posters of each design will be made available and we're hoping for a healthy, spirited auction.”

Limited editions will be released for auction on eBay between the Midnight 31st August and Midday 4th September.

Click here to visit our EBay store and place a bid.

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Screen Goddess Calendar errors

Two printing errors in the Screen Goddess IT Calendar were reported to us on August 22 (October 2006 commencing on Saturday not Sunday, and May 2007 commencing on Monday not Tuesday). Unfortunately while more than one person had checked the calendar proofs these errors had not been noticed.

Within 36 hours we had advised the sponsors, models and distributors of the problem, advised recent purchasers that there would be a short delay while new stock was printed, and notified all customers who had already been sent their calendars.

If you are a purchaser and have not been contacted please email to make arrangements for replacement.

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After a storm of media, publicity and worldwide interest the Screen Goddess IT Calendar was successfully officially launched across Australia on 11 August, with events on the Gold Coast Queensland, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

The launch was a celebration for the models, crew and organisers and the proud announcement of further dimensions regarding the calendar. The technology/geek competitions and prizes were announced, as was the release of the screen goddess screensaver.

In response to critics Sonja Bernhardt advised at the Gold Coast launch that to date 58% of sales had been to females, and 20% had been overseas. Requests had been received from schools and universities for posters using calendar images for use at information and career days.

Launches were proudly sponsored by AAPT.

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Worldwide Media Sensation

Making headlines around the globe, the Screen Goddess IT Calendar site has received million of hits, including 3.5 million within a single 24 hour period, coming from 80,000 unique visitors.

Print and web press have been afire with reports about the Screen Goddess IT Calendar. Worldwide blogs have been (and still are) hotly debating the underlying issues of views about women and more specifically women in technology. Stories are coming from as far south as New Zealand to northern European and Scandinavian countries, and across the globe from UK to USA, India and Hong Kong.

TV and radio are also running hot - BBC World News, Australian "A Current Affair", "Sunrise", "Today Tonight", and local news, ABC Radio and Radio New Zealand have all carried the story.

All this before the calendar is even officially launched! Any google search including the words "goddess IT calendar", "Sonja Bernhardt calendar", or "screen goddess" will give a small peek into the hundreds of stories and blogs.

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Launching Soon

Women in IT will be celebrating on the 11th August, and the general public will be fascinated to know why this date was chosen.

The Screen Goddess Initiative is more than just a calendar it is a multi- dimensional project. Expect some of those dimensions to be revealed at the launch as well as many more calendar surprises.

Launch events are happening across Australia including breakfast on the Gold Coast, Qld and Adelaide, South Australia; lunch in Melbourne, Victoria; and finishing with cocktails in Perth, Western Australia.

Why 11 August? You will have to wait until then to find out, however it is a highly significant date that brings it's own fascinating story.

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View from a feminist

Dale Spender an internationally renowned feminist, author of many many books on the topic and international presenter, comments on the calendar:

"Just loved the calendar! I think it is also about politics. Deconstructing the geeky image.

I also think there is an enormous amount of fun in it.

It's really these women having the upper hand. Sending up the stereotype of IT and of eye candy.

Objectifying is something done to you.

Taking charge is manipulating that image and subverting it, that's what they are doing."

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Ministerial Support

Queensland Minister for Information Technology Policy, Chris Cummins, has commended the organisers of the IT Screen Goddess calendar for their efforts in trying to change the perception of IT as a career.

Mr Cummins said that the need to positively change the image of the ICT industry and ICT careers was one of the key agreements out of the recent National ICT Skills Summit hosted by the Beattie Government in Brisbane.

"Summit participants all agreed that changing what the general public thinks of the ICT industry is one of the key issues they need to address," he said.

"The IT Screen Goddess calendar is one initiative that will start that work. Each of the models has contributed a biography that details their career in IT, and some of the experiences they've had - these are the kind of positive stories we need to get out there.

"As well as helping to build an awareness of the diversity of the women in the industry the calendar will also raise money for non profit groups that help encourage females to take up technology studies and to enter technology careers."

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Online debate phenomenon

The announcement of the Screen Goddess IT Calendar triggered raging world- wide debates in workplaces, blogs and the press about the real issues regarding perceptions of women and in particular women in IT. The debates are still hotly contested.

Screen Goddess innovator Sonja Bernhardt said "We welcome debate on the calendar and the issues it raises, but in reference to the recent DoS attack on the site Sonja says, "our opponents should allow people to decide for themselves in an open forum, not just try to knock us down. We see the blog debates a healthy phenomenon and are proud to have contributed to this."

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Classroom tool

One of the key interest areas of the calendar has been the variety of roles the calendar models have in real life as well as the diversity of ages and hobbies.

University and school libraries are starting to purchase the calendar and interest has been expressed by a number of Australian universities for images from the calendar as posters to assist with attracting girls to technology career days/information sessions.

We've already stared to break through stereotypes and generate healthy views of the realities of technology careers.

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Cute Quiz

Check out this cute quiz at Zip Trivia to see how well YOU know the Screen Goddess IT Calendar...

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