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RaeleenAfter finishing high school I really didn't know what to study. I talked to my sister who was already at uni and decided to do Law (as I found it interesting) and IT (as I thought it would have good job prospects). I knew absolutely nothing about computers and programming and didn't know what to expect.

Like many people I really enjoyed the university experience. I joined the waterski/wakeboard club and co-founded the IT society. Later I co-founded the QUT snowboarding club and had a great time raffling snowboards in the middle of Queensland's summer and going on a club trip to New Zealand.

While at uni my father tried to find a computer system for his jewellery store - however he could not find anything that was easy to use, covered the business functions and was up-to-date with technology. So I decided to develop a management system for his store.

After completing my degrees I took a position with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (now IBM) as a management consultant with the plan to work for 2 years and then start my own business. After training in the US and 6 months working I gave in to the desire to start my own business.

In 2001, the company was born and the first product launched. The company has since grown to become a leader and innovator in jewellery software technology. At the forefront of 'plug-and-use' solutions, it provides software to jewellery retailers and wholesalers, in 9 countries and 3 languages.

As CEO my role is to manage and steer the business. The tasks involve developing and improving processes, devising business strategies, meeting with clients and staying ahead of current technology trends.

Running a business in the IT industry is never dull. Products are constantly evolving and improving and you are continually moving forward with new developments. The industry is full of energy and makes you feel inspired.

Away from work I am the same person - full of energy, looking for challenge and fun. My interests are beach camping, kitesurfing and snowboarding.

I enjoy helping others and devote time to assist other businesses and people further their horizons. This calendar is one of the many women in IT programs that I have been apart of. The funds produced from this calendar will support women by providing scholarships, mentoring and project initiatives. This support is needed to help women get started in the IT industry.