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The goddesses in this calendar have been actively involved in designing, planning and running traditional projects and programs aimed at encouraging girls to take up technology studies and women to enter IT careers. Many years of voluntary work, time and personal funds have been spent by these goddesses working towards this 'cause'. Some are internationally recognized researchers in this field.

It is that background of knowledge and hands on experience that each goddess brought to the project that confirmed it was time to try a different approach, it was time to get a message broader than the attendees at specific events, it was time to raise awareness regarding careers in technology with peer groups and parents.

Producing the calendar was fun, however the subject matter is far deeper than fun and glamour. It is about recognising that there is an issue with attracting, retaining and promoting women in these fields. It's about the general public knowing that there is a diverse range of women in a wide variety of technology careers and that they absolutely LOVE their lives, and love what they do so much they want to share that passion with others and encourage more females to take up studies and careers.

It's about making a difference.